November 17, 2014: Flavorwire names me one of "50 Writers You Need To See Read Live"



November 12, 2014: Sean Beaudoin and I talk Gone Girl on The Weeklings.



October 25, 2014: The Daily Dish features one of my stories.



July 21, 2014: I won Baltimore Review's writing contest.



May 2014:  Visiting Artist at Betsy Hotel in South Beach, Florida


December 10, 2013: My story on The Moth Radio Hour



July 9, 2013: I won The Moth StorySLAM in June.



June 25, 2013: My story on the First Person Arts podcast



June 18, 2013: I wrote a story about an eye-gazing party for New York Observer



June 3, 2013: I won The Moth StorySLAM in January.



May 2013: Fellowship at the Sozopol Fiction Seminars in Bulgaria



April 8, 2013: my essay in Laba Journal



February 14, 2013: Painted Bride Quarterly reprints my essay from The Weeklings



Feburary 13, 2013: My piece on Slate about a dating coach for the social anxious



December 25, 2012: My essay about my first Christmas on Salon



November 30, 2012: My piece on Slate about a body language expert



September 17, 2012: CNN reprints my story from O, The Oprah Magazine



September 5, 2012: My essay on The Paris Review



August 25, 2012: My essay in The New York Times



August 15, 2012: I wrote a profile for O, The Oprah Magazine



July 30, 2012: I won The Moth StorySLAM in early July!



July 28, 2012: My essay on Salon



June 29, 2012: My story on The Soundtrack Series podcast



June 15, 2012: A video of me winning The Moth StorySLAM in April!



June 12, 2012: My story in the June issue of GQ



May 17, 2012: My final post on The Weeklings, about my senior prom



May 17, 2012: My companion piece on Slate to the story I wrote about the dating coach for ex-Orthodox Jews



May 10, 2012: An essay on The Weeklings



April 27, 2012: My piece on Slate about a dating coach for ex-Orthodox Jews



April 26, 2012: a piece I wrote for The Weeklings



April 19, 2012: I'm blogging every Thursday at The Weeklings! Here's my first post.



April 10, 2012: My essay on The Hairpin in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic



February 21, 2012: A story I told at The Moth GrandSLAM is on The Moth Podcast.



February 16, 2012: A video of me winning The Moth StorySLAM in December!



October 29, 2011: An interview and Skinny giveaway on Free Book Friday



October 28, 2011: Skinny will be published in Germany!



October 26, 2011: Chatting with Brad Listi on Other People Podcast



October 11, 2011: Here I am talking on NPR's Marketplace about psychics and Wall Street guys.



October 10, 2011: My piece in New York Magazine about psychics and Wall Street guys.



October 5, 2011: A video of me winning The Moth StorySLAM in September!  



September 22, 2011: An interview I did in 614



September 2, 2011: Two-part video of a story I told at the Happy Ending Series:

Part 1


Part 2



August 25, 2011: Cristina Fahrbach-Connors interviews me on She Writes.



July 31, 2011: Molly Quinn interviews me on Freerange Nonfiction.



July 28, 2011: MSN features Skinny as a "Gotta Have It."



July 23, 2011: Skinny is one of "Five Great Summer Reads" on



July 19, 2011: Nina Badzin interviews me on her blog.



July 14, 2011: The Huffington Post reprints my Eat The Damn Cake interview.



July 13, 2011: Kate Fridkis interviews me on Eat The Damn Cake.



July 12, 2011: CNN Living reprints my O Magazine piece.



July 11, 2011: I made the WILF list!



July 7, 2011: Nicole interviews me on Linus's Blanket.



July 5, 2011: Skinny is a Lite FM Book Cafe pick for the month of July.



June 27, 2011: My essay in O Magazine about breaking my helping habit



June 27, 2011: Julie Buxbaum interviews me and calls Skinny a "summer must-read."



June 22, 2011: Jewish Woman Magazine recommends Skinny as a Summer Read.



June 13, 2011: Examiner chooses Skinny as a summer beach read.



June 13, 2011: Jewcy includes me, as an "editor's pick," in The Big Jewcy Class of 2011.



June 4, 2011: Transcript of my chat with The Nervous Breakdown's online book club



June 4, 2011: The Nervous Breakdown excerpts Skinny.



May 28, 2011: My self-interview on The Nervous Breakdown



May 28, 2011: My guest post on Colloquium



May 27, 2011: The story of how I found my agent



May 17, 2011: A nice feature about Skinny in The Jewish Week



May 17, 2011: Skinny is the book club pick on The Nervous Breakdown.



May 17, 2011: Radical Hateloss interviews me.



May 14, 2011: Second part of my two-part interview on Healthy Mind Fit Body.



May 12, 2011: Glamour interviews me about Skinny!



May 6, 2011: First part of my two-part interview on Healthy Mind Fit Body



April 30, 2011: My guest post on Writer Unboxed.



April 28, 2011: Teddy Wayne interviews me on the Huffington Post.



April 27, 2011: Natalie Zutter interviews me on



April 26, 2011: Skinny hits the shelves!


April 26, 2011: Meredith Melnick interviews me on Time Magazine's Healthland.



April 26, 2011: Hanna Howard interviews me on



April 26, 2011: My essay about my muse on The Rumpus



April 26, 2011: My guest blog on Harper Perennial's The Olive Reader



April 26, 2011: My 5 Do's and a Don't on Chick Lit Is Not Dead



April 26, 2011: My guest blog on Book Addiction



April 26, 2011: Lisa interviews me on Lisa's World of Books.



April 26, 2011: Jill and Jenn interview me on Pursuing Our Passion.



April 25, 2011: Jezebel excerpts Skinny!



April 25, 2011: Katie McLaughlin interviews me on Health For The Whole Self.



April 24, 2011: My guest post on Chick Lit Reviews.



April 24, 2011: Luke Ford interviews me about Skinny.



April 19, 2011: Virginia Sole-Smith interviews me on iVillage.



April 15, 2011: Target picks Skinny as a "Recommended Reading" title for June!



April 14, 2011: I'm giving away signed book plates (a.k.a. autograph inserts) to anyone who pre-orders Skinny between today and April 25! Just email me your receipt and address.



April 6, 2011: A piece about publishing book #2 appears on the Wall Street Journal online.



March 7, 2011: Body Confessions goes live.



October 27, 2010: Conversions is anthologized in Rumpus Women: Volume I, Personal Essays by Women.



August 23, 2010: The Truth About Life appears on Five Chapters.



August 20, 2010: Should You Hire a Life Coach? appears on



July 20, 2010: The Fire Inside appears in City Scoops Magazine.







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