Praise for Who By Fire and Skinny

Add me to what is sure to be a very long list of Diana Spechler fans. SKINNY will be my go-to recommendation all year for anyone who wants smart, endearing, beautifully written women’s fiction.
- Allison Winn Scotch, New York Times bestselling author of The One That I Want and Time of My Life

Diana Spechler writes like a dream. In Skinny, she masterfully explores the relationship between food and pain, between love and heartbreak. And what Spechler most magically captures is the elusive feeling of longing. And how, on its other side, we sometimes find what we needed all along.
- Laura Dave, author of The Divorce Party and London Is The Best City in America

Spechler's meditation on the nature of hunger is both touching and surprising, as Skinny boldly explores the connection between our emotional and physical appetites. Her characters and their stories stayed with me long after I put her book down. - Janelle Brown, bestselling author of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

...a fascinating look at the intersection between food and love and smart as it is heartbreaking.

- Julie Buxbaum, author of After You and The Opposite of Love

Affectingly narrated...Spechler's latest succeeds in lovingly detailing the agony of self-loathing.
- Publisher's Weekly

...a great read to toss in your beach bag...Skinny illuminates a young woman's struggle to make peace with her appearance with both humor and poise.

...amazing...a riveting book.
- Glamour

Looking for a fun new read? Pick up Diana Spechler's new page-turner, Skinny, for a smart, thought-provoking and hilarious exploration of body image, weight loss and the lengths we go in search of a perfect body. Spechler does a masterful job at character development.
- Self

With humor, sensitivity and an awareness that food is of course more than simply food, Spechler explores the connection between hunger and longing and love.
- The Jewish Week

...well-chosen, visceral details...
-'s rare to read well-written fiction about matters of weight...Skinny is interesting because it speaks well to how inescapable our bodies really are.
- Bookslut

Skinny might be the best example of taking an old Jewish cliche, and turning it into literary gold.

...disturbingly honest, startlingly funny....The pared down, svelte, and sparkling.
- Jewish Book World

I loved Diana Spechler's sophomore novel Skinny...I finished it in two days and was...fascinated by Gray's character.

Skinny is absolutely delicious, smart, and funny.
- New York Journal of Books

This is the most important book I've read in years.
- Squat Like a Lady

Spechler’s descriptive writing is haunting.
- Great Thoughts

I finished it in under three hours....I dug Skinny. I like how non-ideological Diana’s work is. She wasn’t bewailing capitalism and advertising and the patriarchal male gaze.

There aren't that many contemporary women's lit books out there that surprise me...Skinny broke out of the expected mold...a strong and realistic portrayal of a young woman's journey.
- Reading Thru The Night

I could not put it down. Spechler’s commentary on how women and teen girls think about their bodies was poignant and piercingly true.
- The Great Fitness Experiment

I loved this book for so many reasons. One of my favorite things about it was that Spechler finds a way to tackle these heavy subjects with a lightness and a sense of humor.
- Live The Fit Life

Skinny is a brilliant and fascinating read from start to finish.
- Dog-Eared Reads

...fantastic...This is one of those times where I say: Just read it!
- Book Addiction

Compelling and often shocking in its honesty, Skinny is one of those books that has the power to change how people think...
- The Book Chick

Spechler has once again proven her ability to create complex and highly believable characters immersed in extraordinary situations.
- 5 Minutes For Books

...excellently written. I could not bring myself to put it down and finished it in about 2 days...
- Hey Joob

For sure this book rates 5 stars for me. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has faced food challenges or emotional eating.
- Lisa's World of Books

Gray is the main reason I love this book....Skinny is one of those great novels.
- Romance Books Forum

On top of being well written, Skinny is quirky, irreverent, and incredibly honest...Skinny is a wonderful novel for anyone, but I can't recommend it enough for book clubs.
- The Literate Housewife

We’re giddy with excitement. Our cheeks are flushed with joy. Our hearts are beating faster. Because we’ve fallen in love....Diana Spechler is our latest crush.
- Chick Lit Is Not Dead

Gray Lachmann is a fabulously flawed main character whose story jumps off the page...
- A Worn Path

Skinny...surprised me with its quirky humor and raw, but sympathetic exploration of obesity. The characters come on strong, yanking the story in all kinds of crazy directions by the sheer force of their personalities.
- Blogging 'Bout Books

...refreshing – that an author...recognizes that this isn’t just a “kid thing”, it’s something that affects women of all ages...Skinny fulfilled my requirements for intrigue and personal struggle, and is definitely a book I would recommend.
- Reading Through Life

This book not only evoked real emotion, but is entertaining at the same time.
- Queen of Reading

The emotional portrayal in the novel is spot on.
- BookNAround

A powerful and incredibly moving love story that I’ll be thinking about for some time to come.
- Chick Lit Reviews

Skinny is a fantastic novel for any woman. Whether you have struggled with weight issues or not, Gray is an easily identifiable character. Her struggles are our struggles.
- Girls With Books

Spechler possesses the rare ability to delve into the most painful aspects of her main character's life.
- Colloquium

I 100% recommend this book to anyone who has either struggled with body image issues looking for a powerful and thrilling read.
- Moves 'N Munchies

...unable to put this book down...a wonderful book for women...who struggle with body image, weight issues, and disordered eating habits.
- Hannah Banana

...engaging, hilarious, honest...It’s a great read that, among many other things, poignantly chronicles the reality of compulsive eating in all its forms.
- Beautiful Struggle

It is refreshing that a fiction writer of Spechler's caliber addresses our problematic relationship with food. Her prose is in an accessible register of the language, reflecting the thinking patterns of the narrator and those around her, occasionally seasoned with sharp wit.
- Mimetic Declination

Skinny is Diana Spechler's second novel...and let's end the suspense: there is no sophomore slump here.
- Bleeding Espresso

Women everywhere will be able to identify with the humor and honesty of Skinny.

I just can’t say enough great things about SKINNY. It’s a wonderful book club read! The characters are unique and well-developed, the plot clips along with just the right amount of tension...
- The Cracked Slipper

Spechler’s prose is often surprising and fun, with literary flavors and savory bits....Her characters are fleshy and fully rounded....Skinny was a delicious read.
- Cynthia Robertson

The best thing about this book was how it puts you into Gray’s reality, more than most of the books I’ve read in the last few months. You feel her pain, her urgency, her elation, and her need to be authentic.
- The Readers Cafe

Although Skinny is a novel and isn't meant to be an éxposé on the weight-loss industry or a guide to resolving one's issues with food, many readers will relate to Gray and her struggle to find peace with herself, her body, and her parents.
- Beth Fish Reads